The dread risk.
Healthy weeds and beautiful flowers

You are ancient history.

An article over the Register paints storage folks as the Mainframe Admins of the cloudy future.

At the end of this decade when some cloud company says their glorified DAS can do xyz, you’ll be able to pull your cardigan tighter and tell people the story of how that was invented first & done better by Rameses The Great, Pharaoh of Egypt and didn’t you know him well having once seen him outside waiting for a chariot back when you used to be able to go to a trade show and only not know 95% of the people there.

Then having absorbed the looks given to you by younger people (Five years younger) who just don’t know how much better things were in the old days, you’ll go back to the mystical art of carving and masking LUNs or creating file systems and enabling protocols.

But what I’ve taken from all this is we’re now all criminally underpaid.

Cough up, HR! No more college graduates to do it cheaper…