My Best Friend's Exorcism
The Great Influenza

Life during lockdown

The thing about lockdown is that I think it ages you. Not physically (I could do with more exercise though) but socially and mentally. With everything shut down I suspect this is what it's like to be an old age pensioner.

The opportunities the world provides are closed off to me. The way they are for most of us. Where previously you might have been “too busy” to do something now you don’t have the opportunity. It could be a hell of a lot worse. I’m reading The Great Influenza, review when I finish, and that pandemic was horrific.

Show symptoms at 10:00AM, dead by 10:00PM. Entire households wiped out. Thankfully we’re not living through that. Life at the moment has levels of difficulty depending on your situation. It’s an annoyance for some and a nightmare for others. At any other time in human history we’d also be subject to tyranny or more virulent pestilence. Life might not be great but if you have tomorrow you have another shot at it.

The TV content drought hasn’t hit me yet. That’s probably because I’m now subscribed to more streaming services than ever before. Previously I’d have argued that consolidation was going to occur in that sector soon. Too many services hoping for customers to double and triple dip on their entertainment budget. I’ve come to see that the services serving genre fans will do just fine.

The giants will scoop the broad viewing market but they're not interested in going deep. The market size for genre content is limited but if you control your costs and have people curate the content it can be a lucrative ongoing stream of revenue from a customer base that isn’t served well by the major streamers.

It’s a Bank Holiday here and I’m looking forward to getting out for a walk between rain showers. Take the walks when the opportunity presents. They’re good for you.

Unrelated: New RPG book to read, the Spanish behemoth Aquelarre. A Medievil demonic roleplaying game with some gruesome, dark ages style, artwork. Chances of me getting to play it are slim but I’ve enjoyed reading it and it looks great on a bookshelf. With such a good looking product I would have liked if it came with ribbon bookmarks. The more biblical looking the better.