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Raised By Wolves [Spoilers]

I get why people don’t like Raised By Wolves but there was an episode early on where I could see the outline of the first season arc and it kept me watching. My suspicion was correct, and this is a set of bible stories where Satan is the author.

Sent away from an indoor garden of Eden by a creator who favoured one over the other, two androids escape a cataclysm onboard a small ark and have to scratch out an existence on a barren world.

Being barren themselves they do not go forth and multiply. All but one of their human charges, who were supposed to populate this new world, sicken and die. The Mother, a weapon of war that leaves nothing but death in her wake, has a miraculous pregnancy where she gives birth to something evil which will damn everything else on the planet. All the time voices are heard corrupting the characters and moving them as part of a larger design. This is the dark universe book of Genesis mixed with the dark universe New Testament.

There’s even a Cain and Able setup with the serpent and Campion. Mother’s biological Satanic child, the serpent, is probably going to eat anything it can get its fangs on. Mother’s chosen son, Campion, did not partake in eating any of the meat available on the planet and is therefore still pure.

Campion has to kill the serpent. Cain’s punishment for killing his brother was that he was sent into exile alone. Campion’s price of failing to kill the serpent would be the death of everyone else leaving him to wander alone.

Too much dependence on mystery box writing won't have me running to watch a new season but I may second screen it when it comes back on.