Who has time for this?
Don't be a digital hoarder

Keep your distance. Be happier.

I’m convinced that you are better off avoiding the creators of the things you enjoy, especially online. What’s the upside of following them on social media? Are you going to learn how they do what they do from reading a few tweets? Can they explain how they do what they do themselves? So, why are you following them?

If they hold opinions you are fine with, you’re going to watch a procession of grifting nitwits argue with them to endorse more extreme opinions. “You support X, but you need to step up and support XYZ and ABC because only the worst people believe otherwise. You’re not one of them are you? Prove it.”

If they hold opinions you find distasteful that can sour everything of theirs that you have enjoyed. Out of the creators who have “suffered consequences” online for not being on the correct side of an ever shifting line, how many of them were inhuman? Or were they fine up until the moment they stepped on an opinion landmine and online outrage inertia finished them off?

Keep your distance from the creators you like, you may enjoy their work more.


Photo by OSPAN ALI on Unsplash