Marvel movies have nowhere to go from here
I’m not one for paperless


I have no idea what to do with my spare time. Given the choice I’ll work, but as it has been pointed out to me numerous times, if you are not working for yourself you’re doing unpaid work for someone else.

I don’t have so much free time that it’s worth getting a second job and I have no drive to write a novel. Sometimes I get stuck being unproductive and the very act of staying seated drives me nuts. You don’t know how long it took me to get started on this blog post. Procrastination involves self deception, I wasn’t deceiving myself when the words weren’t flowing. There were no ideas in the well when I sent the bucket down.

I should probably file my taxes early (Due date: October) just to have a productive day. This is where I am now. Filling out tax forms. The suffering involved in writing a novel is becoming more attractive by the second. Sometimes being lazy is a gift.

8D589DAD-137C-43C4-B7FD-0DAF2B95D394Photo by Chase Yi on Unsplash