Jet stream
Keep your distance. Be happier.

Who has time for this?

I was a news junkie but I’ve given up following most news. It’s ephemeral and of little long term value. I open Twitter and look away for a few minutes, 300 odd Tweets have dropped into my timeline. RSS reader? When I get around to opening it up I declare anything older than yesterday to be bankrupt and have it deleted.

Email? A river of the stuff flows into the work account, enough to be bothersome flows into the personal account. The majority of it is from mass distribution lists or some other automated process. I don’t feel bad when I don’t open them. Slack? An ocean of drivel. Podcasts? More drivel.

Who has time for this? I’m not sure I do. The value is all coming from peer to peer conversations on messaging apps. Maybe we should turn this car around and head back to AOL Instant Messenger.

Ben-white-xqjMjaGGhmw-unsplash1Photo by Ben White on Unsplash