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The Fall Guy

A stunt show movie as flimsy as an empty bucket of popcorn but it has a summer romantic comedy charm. It's very early 2000s in its Hollywood commentary. That kills the momentum after the first hour as it is not presented well enough to hold interest.

For what the producers were looking to do it needed action, humor and adventure. It has plenty of action, with bone-crunching stunt work. Gosling and Blunt deliver humour with skill, but there's a large sucking void on screen where adventure should be. The lack of adventure comes from a weak script. With several different elements crammed into the second half of the movie it feels like it was the product of several rounds of studio notes and reshoots. If there was an adventure here it was overwritten in later drafts and edited out in post production.

Ryan Gosling's Colt Seavers is likeable. Woman may find him gentle and dreamy but he's not so much of a drip that other guys wouldn't enjoy hanging out with him. Emily Blunt is more upbeat than I've seen her and there's some chemistry between the two of them. However, the relationship doesn't develop throughout the movie.

Gosling could be a movie star. He hasn't landed the roles that will make him a movie star but he's a guy the old Hollywood studio system would have supported. This could have been a better movie if it had a stronger story. There could be a great movie about stunt performers in Hollywood but this isn't it. Unless you want that trip to the cinema wait until this hits video on demand or streaming.